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EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2

Submitted inRace numberson7 May 2018
Race bibs EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2

The marathon of Madrid, or as the official name is the 'EDP Rock' n 'Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2' has been organized every year since 1978 in April in Madrid. For the fourth year in a row PROM'ES delivered the race bibs for the Madrid Marathon. No less than 37,000 numbers were produced for the entire marathon, half marathon and 10 KM.

Ladies run medals

Submitted inMedalon7 April 2018
Ladies run medals

Empower and encourage women to challenge themselves, whether it is to conquer a new distance or a new personal best. And how could we reward them better than with a unique girlie finisher medal?!

Personalized medals with Medaltime!

Submitted inMedal, Medaltimeon29 January 2018
Personalized medals with Medaltime!

PROM’ES offers you the best quality medals for the lowest price. Let’s
introduce our refund tool Medaltime to you. Medaltime makes the
achievements and medals of your participants really unique with a
personal engraved medal insert. You sell Medaltime automatically

European bib and chip services

Submitted inRace numberson17 August 2017
European bib and chip services

PROM’ES, specialist in number bibs, offers a fully automated chip service. This chip service provides a 100% guaranteed process of automated encoding, checking and application of RFID-tags on number bibs.

Customize your ribbon!

Submitted inMedalon3 August 2017
Customize your ribbon!

PROM'ES offers you the best quality medals for the lowest price! The 25 mm medal ribbon is always included. You want to customize the ribbon? You found the right place.

Metal, wooden and glass medals

Submitted inMedalon25 April 2017
Metal, wooden and glass medals

We have the best quality medals for the lowest price! But we also make custom wooden and glass medals.

Your European medal-partner

Submitted inMedalon1 March 2017
Custom made medal

We have the best quality medals for the lowest price! Over the past 20 years we have proven to be the European partner for various international events.

Safety pins

Submitted inRace numberson1 February 2017
Safety pins

Safety pins for attaching your race numbers.