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Prom’es Event Supplies is your professional partner for all Event Supplies.

Sponsor page

This part of our website contains special information for brands, companies, sponsors and charities who are interested in the sponsor opportunities of running events and other sports events.

Our long experience in working together with events throughout Europe has made PROM’ES a specialist in the field of sports sponsoring and sports advertising. Always aiming for your goals, we contribute to your communication targets with creative concepts, products and services.

By putting so called “ordinary products” in a creative perspective, PROM’ES offers unexpected sponsor opportunities with high impact.
A small example of this is the smart use of the back of a race number. For specific companies and sports brands, a race number can become “more than a number” : tailor made communication in the heart of your target group, on a relevant moment at very low costs.  It’s possible!

PROM’ES not only supplies original products, but we can also be of help in getting it designed, produced and distributed. We supply excellent services with the aim on making life easier for sponsors and organizers. For example: we take care of the whole logistical operation for big multinational working brands with event consumables, Event-tool-kit and inflatables. All this, including communication and organization between organizer and sponsor.

When you have ideas but not a targeted action plan, PROM’ES can help you out.
Running market experience, combined with proven creativity will help you realizing  your targets. We help you in making a plan but we also support and invest in getting it to market. Recently, we had the opportunity to be of service to multiple sports federations, charities, sponsors and organizers, with great success! Any ideas for a specific area or target group? Just give us a call and let us surprise you what our knowledge and network can do for you.

“PROM’ES: so much more than just a number!”.




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