Sustainable hydration at a running event with Oohos

Sustainable hydration at a running event

Make your event more sustainable with Oohos, an environmentally friendly alternative for the use of disposable cups at water stations.

Oohos, the sustainable alternative to disposable paper cups

Oohos are the alternative to disposable drinking cups. Oohos are biodegradable water sachet made of seaweed. Seaweed is a natural product and one of the most common plant species in the world. It grows about a meter a day, so there is plenty of it. The seaweed membrane can be eaten by the participants, but can also be thrown at the side of the road after drinking. Sweep the Oohos together and throw them in a compost bin. So, Oohos can be treated in the same way as any other food waste! And if an Ooho sachet is left on the street? These will naturally break down within 4 - 6 weeks. The Venloop has a Oohos pilot in September.

‘For us as Venloop it is important that we reduce our footprint’, explains Meyke Vercoulen of the Venloop. ‘A sachet that is naturally degradable contributes to this. And besides, it’s much cooler than a plastic bottle.’

[VIDEO] Watch the (Dutch) report of Omroep Venlo about the Venloop and the Oohos pilot here.

Good hydration, but with a reduction of our footprint

It is important for participants to stay hydrated during a run. Organizers usually offer their participants a cardboard cup with water every three or six miles. There is still a lot to consider when organizing such a drinking point: water tanks, tables, volunteers, disposable cups or bottles with water or sport drink, waste bins and a clean-up plan, and so on. All this requires a strong feat of logistics and coordination! In addition to efficiency, organizers such as the Venloop and Zevenheuvelenloop are looking for sustainable alternatives to the use of disposable cups and the waste that this entails. With the ban on ‘plastic on-the-go packaging’ such as drinking cups, governments are also increasingly pushing to avoid free single-use drinking cups.

    Duurzame hydratatie bij een hardloopevenement met Oohos

    Making events more sustainable

    In recent years, there has been a growing interest in making events more sustainable. This topic is also high on the agenda at PROM’ES. As a full service supplier of running and cycling events, we are continuously looking for sustainable product alternatives and we try to inform our customers transparently and expertly about the possibilities. As the exclusive partner of the Oohos, we think we have made another great step! Are you (for a long time) looking for a sustainable product or solution for the organization of your event? Please contact us. We are happy to share ideas with you.