Shoe tag with a unique QR code

Safe-iD offers a shoe tag with a unique QR code. You can scan your personal profile with the QR code. This way you always have your most important (medical) data at hand!

Your benefits

  • Useful extra for your participants
  • Extra earnings for your organization
  • No investment, no risk
  • Full service: no extra work

Offer via your registration form: How does it work?

  1. Add the option to order Safe-iD to the registration form
  2. Pass the order on to PROM'ES
  3. PROM’ES takes care of the production and delivery
  4. You will receive a commission or an extra competitive price for your participants
  5. Optional: PROM'ES packs the Safe-iD's directly in your starter packs

Particularly suitable for your business run, as a giveaway or as an promotional item in your store or web shop.

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