TYVEK bibs can easily be 100% recycled!

PROM'ES is happy to take care of the collection of your TYVEK race numbers. Depending on the size of the event, we supply a number of race number collection containers.

We take care of:

  • The delivery of race number collection containers
  • The seperation of race number and chip via a sheltered workshop
  • The recycling of TYVEK into a raw material for packaging film

Materials for bibs

PROM'ES supplies TYVEK race numbers. TYVEK is a synthetic material consisting of fibres of pure HDPE. Because our bibs consist of only one type of material, they can easily be 100% recycled. This is in contrast to race numbers, which are made of a material composition, such as Pretex. The material fibres lie in a web structure. As a result, TYVEK race numbers are very light in weight, but tear-free. PROM'ES race numbers are made of only 55 g/m². In terms of properties, TYVEK is ideal for the production of race numbers: lightweight, waterproof, tear-proof and perfectly printable in full colour.

Rental of containers for collecting bibs

The material type HDPE can be used infinitely for recycling. Conservation of this raw material is therefore of great importance. PROM'ES rents out containers to facilitate the collection of race numbers. By renting our containers, we ensure that organisers do not have to purchase their own containers, which are only used once or a few times a year. Our containers are used throughout the running season and are well maintained. In this way, hiring is a sustainable choice. Depending on the size of the event and the set-up of the event terrain, we determine the number of containers needed.  


The containers are delivered to a local sheltered workshop. There, race numbers, time registration chips and pins are separated. The pins are reused by PROM'ES. The time registration chips are currently residual waste. There is close contact with suppliers about possibilities for recycling, but this is difficult as the chips are made of material compounds. To recycle the race numbers, we are working with PreZero. PreZero focuses on collecting and recycling waste into raw materials for new products. The company is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The race numbers first go through the sorting plant. In the sorting plant, any contamination is automatically removed with a drum sieve, infrared scanners, magnets and windshifters. The pure material is baled and then processed into pellets (granules). A laboratory checks the quality of the granules. Finally, the granules form the new raw material for packaging film.

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