At PROM’ES you will find an extensive range of printed goodies and promotional gifts, such as: bottles, lanyards, sweatbands, towels, beanie hats and bandanas. If you print the premium with your logo, event name, sponsor or own design, the goodie is a very effective promotional tool. Are you looking for an original premium for your participants or volunteers? Our team is happy to think along with you!

From € 0,79 per piece

Unique gift, surprisingly affordable The thermal bandanas are warm and comfy. The bandana can be worn in many different ways.

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Bandanas with imprint

The bandana can be worn in many different ways! Unique gift, surprisingly affordable.

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BibBits: with own design

Race number magnets with your own design With BibBits, your participants can easily attach their bib wit

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Printed bottles
From € 0,90 per piece

These bottles are a great value promotional item for any event Order your printed bottles at PROM’ES.

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Beanie hats
From € 6,50 per piece

Thermal beanies, ideal for winter training runs  The sport beanie is made from soft fleece fabric that’s warm

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Lanyards with imprint
From € 0,55 per piece

Combine colour and print for a key cord in your own style Lanyards: a handy product for your organisation and a fun gadget for your participants.

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A classic promotional item A towel is a real classic promotional item. A lasting memorable souvenir for your participants.

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From luxury models to single-use bags PROM’ES offers a very extensive range of (sport)bags. We offer various models and designs.

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Sweat wristbands
From € 0,99 per piece

Choose from plain model, with imprint and zipper Sweat bands: a unique finisher’s memento!

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