The medal is the ultimate reward for every achievement. In the creative studio we design a medal with a unique design for your event. Possibly with Medaltab: a personal insert including finish time on the back of the medal. Also the right address for stock medals, pins, coins and crystal cubes. Sport awards? is our online shop for trophies and awards. 

Custom made medals and ribbons

A 100% personalised medal for your event Your event deserves its own medals and ribbons. Top quality...

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Sport awards

Finishers deserve a nice medal, winners deserve something extra! You may order your custom made...

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Custom pin badges

Pins: A stylish memory! The pin is a button with a butterfly clip on the back to attach on the chest...

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Personalisation of medals with medal insert Medaltab: makes every medal unique! The recess on the...

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Wooden medals
From€ 2,37per piece

The ribbon, a leather lace, is included An original and bespoken medal! The wooden medal is...

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Glass medals

Smooth or facet edge Absolute top quality! These exclusive medals come with medal ribbons or cords...

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Crystal cubes custom made

Your own 3D-cube Crystal cubes are 3D-lasered images in glass. The unique design of these glass...

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Crystal cubes standard
From€ 7,50per piece

For running and triathlon PROM’ES offers a standard running cube and a standard triathlon cube from...

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