PROM'ES is business supporter of the World Wide Fund for Nature. People are inseparable from nature. Indeed, we are nature. Without those beautiful animals and plants we cannot live. Only with nature in all its diversity do we have a healthy future. That is why it is important to protect nature. We support WWF's mission to create a world where people and nature live in harmony.

Partenaire du WWF

Give forest back to the earth

With our support, WWF gives forest back to the earth. A forest is more than a sum of trees. A forest is a balanced ecosystem of trees, plants and animals. For us as humans, too, forest is vital. It gives us food, takes care of our water balance and is an important partner in the fight against climate change. Forests are incredibly important, yet we are losing them at an alarming rate. Together with WWF, we are giving forests back to the earth. In this way, we make a positive contribution to climate and biodiversity.

The Atlantic rainforest

To give nature another chance, WWF is restoring pieces of forest in the Atlantic rainforest. The Atlantic rainforest, located in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world and therefore extremely important for our carbon storage. Besides being one of the most biodiverse areas, the Atlantic rainforest is also one of the most threatened areas in the world. The jungle originally covered over a million square kilometres, now only 17% of that remains. Almost nowhere else in the world are more species threatened with extinction than here. The forest has given way to cattle ranching, soya, sugar cane, coffee and eucalyptus plantations, but also to expanding megacities like Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. Wild animals suffer habitat loss and fragmentation and are threatened by hunting. Where there used to be rainforest, farmers now complain about drought and mudslides.

What is WWF doing in this area?

  • Forest restoration
  • Land acquisition
  • Species protection
Business supporter WWF