Outsourcing saves headaches

Outsourcing saves headaches

Back in business! How is the preparation of your event going? We notice that organizations can count on fewer volunteers. Your organization may have been scaled down and new colleagues lack know-how. Outsourcing part of your preparations saves you headaches.


Sport is unimaginable without the involvement and commitment of volunteers. For example, about 9% of all adult Dutch people are active in sports as a volunteer. According to the trend scenario, this will remain the same or decrease slightly in the coming years.

Expected developments:

  • Fewer volunteers due to an aging population
  • Fewer people are willing to structurally take on tasks for a longer period of time
  • Sport must compete with other volunteer work such as informal care


Many events could not take place in the past two years. The regular work, the organization of the event, came to a standstill. Many organizations scaled down: volunteers dropped out and/or permanent employees had to look for another challenge. In this way, knowledge and skills have been lost in our sector. Now that plenty of events are being organized again, you may also notice that your team is no longer such a well-oiled machine as it was before corona.

"How did we always do that?"
"There must be a good reason we always did it this way, but which…?"
"This was never my job. How should this be done?'

We may be able to help you out! We can check things for you in our order history. We can also think along with you on how best to tackle certain issues.

Outsource part of the preparations

With our 25+ years of experience, we are happy to take some of the work off your hands. In this way we free up people in your organization for other tasks.

With references such as the Rotterdam Marathon, the Venloop and the Classico Boretti, you can rely on us to handle your assignment with the utmost care and accuracy.